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Linda Longden My name is Linda Longden, and I’ve been a Shaklee Distributor for 14 years. Let me tell you about Shaklee and why I love it.  It’s all about fitness, fulfillment, and freedom.

I have always been interested in health and nutrition and studied it when my children were young. But somehow I never could connect my interests with my own health in an effective way. I even tried to become a runner but always got sick.

Now, in my seventies, I am healthier than I’ve ever been. With Shaklee supplements I’ve been able to wean myself from blood pressure medications. At 59 I began to run regularly and ran a 5 mile race on my 60th birthday. I no longer fight chronic colds and flu. I am more fit now than I was in my thirties. I thank Shaklee for showing me the way toward a healthy, fit life.

Shaklee has also fulfilled my business dreams. As an entrepreneur, I have successfully launched several profitable businesses, but none of them compares to the confidence and fulfillment I have found with my Shaklee home business. I have been certified as a
Nutrition Consultant. Shaklee gives me leadership and marketing training. Their products are the best in the nutritional world, and their science and rigorous testing are second to none. I am absolutely confident and excited to share with others the many ways that Shaklee can help people live a healthier life. After all, it happened to me.

Finally, my Shaklee business has given me freedom. My husband recently retired and my Shaklee income is creating the residual income that is replacing the pension money lost in a volatile market. I can even will my business to my kids.

Explore for yourself a Shaklee business, or at least the health opportunities. I would love to help  you. 


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